IP Fire Insert


Pellet heating is up to 70% more efficient than the traditional wood stove and has significantly lower emission levels.

It's comfort with a conscience. 


Simple to Install

Installation times and costs are reduced compared to a pellet heater. 


Firebox heat output    kW                                           11.5

Nominal heat output (min-max) kW                     3.4 - 11

Room heating capacity (min-max)                   185 - 315

Nominal thermal efficiency    %                                85.3

Nominal consumption    (min – max)                0.9 – 2.7

Electric power consumption (W)                               130

Standard  flue outlet    ø   cm                                         8

Hopper Capacity    kg                                                    22

Dimensions W x D x H   cm                          78 x 55 x 68

Stove weight   kg                                                         150

Fresh air intake   ø cm squared                                 100

Power settings                                                                 5

For more information on the IP Fire Insert 78/68, Download our full colour brochure