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E228D - Hybrid

The latest in home heating technology the E228D created by Piazzetta encapsulates tradition with innovation and sustainability. The generous heating capacity of 8kW will ensure even the most spacious home will be cosy and warm. .
This wood and pellet-burning product is also available with Multifuoco System ensure heat is efficiently and effectively distributed around your home. This will ensure uniform heat flow from floor to ceiling, or to a ducting system is desired.
Enjoy the natural flame of a wood heater with all the efficiency and benefits of fingertip control usually only available in pellet heaters.


E228A colour range.png
For more information on the E228D Hybrid Heater Download our full colour brochure 

Simple to Install

Installation times and costs are reduced compared to a pellet heater. 



•Model E228 D
•Rated efficiency power % 85,7
•Rated output max kW 8,0
•Rated consumption max kg/h 2,1
•Dimensions D cm 60
•Dimensions W cm 61
•Dimensions H cm 144
•Weight kg 306

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