Pellet Heater Ranges

Pellet heating is the convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Pellets are normally sold in bags of around 15Kg, so they are convenient to carry and store. These bags will last up to 20 hours, depending on the heater capacity and requirements. Pellet Heaters are also clean and safe. You don't need fire-lighters, newspaper or matches, at the flick of a switch they are ready to go. You can even set it to start automatically or from your smart phone.


Most importantly pellet heaters are the most environmentally friendly heating choice available. Pellet Heating is CO2 Neutral, pellets are made from waste timber shavings that destined for landfill or incineration. Pellet Heaters have 50 times less particulate emissions compared to open wood fires and 5 times less particulate emissions than wood stoves. If you want warmth, convenience, ambience and to make the right decision for the environment, choose a pellet heater. 


Its comfort with a conscience

Piazzetta P936 Pellet Heater Bianco Antico

The latest in Italian technology and design. Multifuoco System comes standard with ducting up to 16m. Fully programmable, large pellet hoppers and optional SMS ensures you're always in control of your home heating.

Piazzetta Sveva SC Range in Blu Antico

cost effective range of Pellet Heaters that combine forced ventilation, efficiency and aesthetically pleasing design. Featuring high heat outputs, large hoppers and the choice of ceramic or steel cladding. 

P163_T_BIANCO - Copy.jpg
Piazzetta P988Th Thermo Pellet Heater

Thermo Pellet Heaters have the added benefit of being able to connect your current house water heating system to the heater to ensure you never run out of hot water.


The IP inserts allow the traditional fireplace to be transformed by exploiting the outstanding convenience of a practical fuel such as the pellet without forgoing the pleasure of seeing fire.