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Piazzetta Pellet Heaters Australia SY Range

SY Range

Piazzetta’s SY Range encompasses the very best of Italian design and technology.


Each pellet heater in the SY Range come standard with:


Mulitfuoco System

A patented technology the forces the hot   air out of the bottom of the heater for a more even distribution of heat throughout the room.


Majolica Cladding

The heaters are clad in an Italian, hand finished ceramic that not only looks fantastic, but possesses excellent heat retention properties.


Remote Control

An LCD remote that allows you to control the temperature, fan speed and timers from anywhere in your room.



The stainless steel humidifier sits in the top of your heater and allows you to obtain the ideal degree of humidity. Add a few drops of aromatic oil for a pleasant scent.


Energy Saving Function

Once your desired room temperature is reached, the heater automatically lowers the heat output and shuts down completely if the temperature continues to rise. The heater will automatically relight when the temperature starts to drop.



P963C and P963M both have a dual fan. Allowing you to duct your heater into other rooms of the house. The dual fan allows for independent climate control.

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