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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets


Hardwood pellets deliver superior heat and less ash. Available in 15 kg bags and bulk orders we can deliver across Eastern Australia at competitive prices from our factory in Eden, NSW.


We recognise that pellet supply is at the forefront of consumer’s minds when they are considering purchasing a pellet heater. Whilst Australians want to reap the benefits of pellet heating, the availability of high-quality pellets has been scarce.


We are changing that. Since January 2016, we have been manufacturing and selling wood pellets from our facility in Eden, NSW. Our pellet manufacturing equipment is a Nova Pelletising line, a speciality turnkey production facility that turns raw wood waste into bagged pellets.



Wood Pellet Range


Our wood pellets are available in two varieties:

  • 100% Hardwood

  • Hardwood/Softwood mix


Our Pellets are packaged in convenient 15Kg bags and can be bought in bulk (see below). RedHot pellets are made using 100% Australian wood, that would otherwise have been destined for landfill or incineration. Our hardwood pellets have a bulk density of around 70kg/m³.



Benefits of Wood Pellets


  • Lower emissions compared to firewood

  • Good for the environment as they’re made from recycled biomass

  • Convenient 15Kg bags that are easy to carry and store

  • No chopping firewood

  • No stoking

  • No splinters, spiders or snakes

  • Minimal to no smoke

  • Low ash

  • No back aches from swinging the axe

  • An asthma-friendly alternative to wood heating



Wood Pellet Efficiency

Wood Pellets have a moisture content between 9-10%. This means that the pellets burn hot, with virtually no smoke and a very low ash content. Due to this, pellets are much more efficient than firewood as they have less moisture to burn off before heat is produced.


To put this in context - if you burn 3 Tonnes of seasoned firewood in a combustion heater with a 60% efficiency rating. To get the same heat output from a pellet heater, you will burn just 1481kg of pellets in a heater with a 90% efficiency rating.   


Why? Because pellets start giving you heat pretty much straight away. There is no water that needs to be boiled off first like there is in firewood.


See our full wood pellet vs firewood efficiency comparison here.



Discounts + Bulk Buys

We will also be offering a generous discount on pellets to anyone who purchases a Piazzetta Pellet Heater through us. Contact us directly for more information.


Bulk pallet buys are also available. 1 pallet = 66 x 15Kg Bags.



For any questions regarding wood pellets, pellet heaters or producing wood pellets on a commercial scale, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


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