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Oh no… you have made it to our Trouble Shooting page which means you have an issue to resolve with your pellet heater. 

We are sorry to witness this, and we know it can be frustrating having an issue with your Piazzetta Pellet Heater, especially when it's cold outside!

Here is a step-by-step guide on ensuring your issue is resolved quickly.


1. Your first port of call for resolving any issues should be your manual and our how-to videos.


2. Your next port of call should be your Piazzetta Dealer – Your dealer is the place where you purchased your Piazzetta Pellet Heater. All of our dealers would be pleased to help you overcome issues even if you just need a service. Click here to find the dealer near you.

 3. In the event your enquiry is still not resolved, Piazzetta is proud to offer you assistance from our Head Office.


In order to advance your Pellet Heater enquiry with our Head Office Technical Team please

use the following details which will then be submitted to our technical assistance team. 

We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry with 48 hours.

  • Where are Piazzetta Pellet Heaters made?
    They are designed and made in the town of Asolo, Italy.
  • How much are they?
    Pellet heaters range in price from $2,880 - $7,130 for the most popular models.
  • What makes them more efficient?
    They use the wood pellets, that are created from biomass. Wood pellets are 3 x more efficient than regular firewood because they are drier and have been compressed to create an energy dense fuel source
  • Where do I get wood pellets from?
    You can purchase wood pellets from us directly or your nearest dealer. They come in 15kg bags and cost $15. If you become a RedHot rewards member when buying a Piazzetta pellet heater through us, the bags become cheaper for you.
  • How should I store my pellets?
    Pellets should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. The presence of moisture in the pellets increases their volume and causes them to split which in turn causes: - Malfunction of the fuel-loading system; -Inefficient combustion
  • How long will a 15kg bag of Wood Pellets last me?
    If you are using your heater for an average of 6 hours daily, you will be going through roughly 1 bag every two days.
  • What is Majolica Cladding?
    Majolica is an Italian ceramic piece that clad the Piazzetta pellet heaters. The large, handmade majolica elements serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Majolica holds in the heat radiated by the firebox and then disperses it continuously and evenly throughout the room. They also add a stylish European design element to your home.
  • Can ALL Piazzetta heaters be ducted?
    No. The SC range cannot be ducted. All models in our SY, Trend and Thermo range can be ducted.
  • How do I purchase a Piazzetta heater?
    You can email or call us directly, alternatively, you can find your closest dealer here
  • What is the installation process?
    There are 5 main elements to installing a Pellet Heater. 1. Delivery of Pellet Heater and Flue Kit 2. Flue Kit - this also needs to be purchased and installed with your Pellet Heater 3. Hearth base - a non-combustible base for your pellet heater to sit on e.g. slate, tiles or glass 4. We highly advise getting a licensed plumber to install your Pellet Heater 5. Sourcing and buying your wooden pellets
  • I don’t live close to a dealer or your warehouse, what do I do?"
    That is OK, we are here to help, give us a call on 6496 1133 and we can talk you through freight and installation options.
  • How do I clean my Pellet Heater?
    Visit our blog post on how to clean your pellet heater in 3 easy steps
  • What is the warranty on the heater?
    Piazzetta Pellet Heaters come with 1-year parts warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Can you freight my heater to me?
    Piazzetta Australia is able to freight heaters nationwide, at the expense of the buyer.
  • What size flue does my Piazzetta need?
    Piazzettas require an 8cm Ø flue.
  • Where can I get the flue?
    Specially designed pellet heater flue kits are available from Piazzetta Australia for $550 RRP.
  • How do I duct my system through my house?
    A ducting system can be set up during installation using a ducting kit, available to purchase as an additional extra. This will allow you to duct your heating to other rooms in your house via piping and a floor or wall vent.
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