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IP 7 Insert
Pellet Heater

An IP pellet-burning insert that allows you to turn your traditional open fireplace into a practical, closed one, ensuring all the pleasure of fire. Programmable automatic switching on/off characterises this pellet-burning insert: ideal also for first-time installations.

Fully programmable and optional wifi ensures you have control of your home heating. It even tells you when you need more pellets! Available in a range of great colours, that will suit any decor. Pellet heating is up to 4 times more efficient than traditional wood stoves and has significantly lower emission levels.


It's comfort with a conscience.


•Structure: coated steel with closed firebox, that can be removed on
sliding runners
•Firebox: cast iron
•Brazier: steel
•Opening: cast iron door with gasket on metal sheath, with selfcleaning
ceramic glass, resistant to 750°C
•Handle: concealed detachable handle
•Function control: display that can be wall-mounted
•Timer-controlled thermostat with programming: as standard feature
with daily, weekly and week-end programming modes with two time
•Fuel: pellets


IP 7 tech drawings.png


For more information on the Piazzetta IP7 Pellet Heater - Download our full colour brochure


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