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Piazzetta Pellet Heaters Australia Thermo Range Hot water boiler home heating

Pellet Boiler Range

Piazzetta Thermal Pellet Heaters are equipped with an internal boiler and together with the necessary devices - can supplement the existing heating system in your house.


Thermo Heaters can be connected directly to your room thermostat and are capable of regulating their own operation to ensure maximum comfort, whilst maintaining your selected temperature.


Thermo Pellet Heaters can be integrated with:

  • Conventional Heating

  • Solar Heating

  • Underfloor Heating 


The LCD remote control allows you to programme daily, weekly and weekend operation with distinct time bands.


The ECO and Energy Saving Functions are also available which respectively modulate flame power and intensity and automatically shuts down and restarts the heaters, providing substantial fuel savings.

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