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1960 to NOW

Asolo, a picturesque small town in the north- east region of Italy and home of Piazzetta. Since 1960 Piazzetta have been nurturing their love for fire, comfort and design. Through technology, innovation and skilled craftsmanship the Piazzetta was born.

Piazzetta is the design of pure intelligence. They have created top quality and highly reliable fireplaces and stoves.

Research, innovation, expertise and a selection of the best materials is what makes Piazzetta the ultimate heating solution. The Piazzetta pellet heater runs off wood pellets created from Biomass. The pellet is made using the waste from other wood-cellulose processing and consequently does not impoverish natural resources. Protecting the environment while saving energy.

Piazzettas have a reduced rate of emissions into the atmosphere, in line with the most stringent European standards. Incorporating sustainable heating to the well-being of the environment and household.

Piazzetta have been the leaders in pellet heating across Europe and America for many years. Recycling Technologies Group has now made this product range available for you in Australia. You can now be the proud owner of an Italian made Piazzetta pellet heater. Help us, help the environment stay warm.

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