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Did you know?

You can control your Piazzetta Pellet heater from the comfort of your smart phone*

Whether you are at work or coming home late from social engagements, you can make sure your Piazzetta is set around you!

The Piazzetta App allows you to chose the time and day your heater will turn on/off. For example, you may have it set to turn on earlier through the working week, than the weekends. Plus, you can control the temperature and power rate of your Piazzetta.

It is the perfect way for you to control the temperature of your own home, without even being there. Come home to a perfectly warm house. With this in mind, the safety features that make sure your pellet heater is not dangerous to you or your family are;

1. The controlled thermostat - your heater will turn off when it reaches the desired temperature at all times

2. Your Piazzetta will also turn off when the hopper runs out of wooden pellets.

Combined with Piazzetta's knowledge and selection of the best materials, it is dedicated to the study of cutting edge solutions for your own comfort and warmth. You don't even have to think - the heater does it all for you. Just set and forget.

Simply download the FREE App on your android and you can start personalising your heater.

*Requires Andriod 4.0 and up. Requires WI-FI connect ability. One user per heater.

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