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Ceramic Majolica | Pellet Heater Surrounds

Majolica is an Italian ceramic ware. It is prepared by tin-glazing earth-ware and firing it a second time. Majolica is highly colourful and a key feature in Piazzetta Pellet heaters.

The large, hand-made Piazzetta majolica elements serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Made from raw clay, they are individually shaped by hand, ensuring utmost character. No two pieces are alike.

The functionality comes from its unique way of holding heat, from the radiation by the firebox. Majolica acts as a true ‘thermal wheel’ releasing pleasant warmth even after the fire has been shut down. This makes Piazzetta heaters a much more efficient choice than traditional wood fires. All Piazzetta’s come standard with a Majolica cladding except

for the Monia and Sabrina, which

both have metal surroundings.

There are a wide variation of colours,

select your choice of Majolica with us today at


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