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Why the PIAZZETTA is for you!

Here are 6 Simple Reason why you should choose a Piazzetta Pellet Heater today.

Don’t put it off any longer – these winter months are getting colder by the day.

1. Highly efficient. Piazzetta heaters use less fuel (wood), in turn, producing less emissions compared to the traditional wood heater.

2. No more wood chopping and stoking. Piazzetta pellet heaters run off wooden pellets created from biomass. Simply buy your wooden pellets from us today. There is also a significant reduction in ash produced - when cleaning the ash tray, simply place on your garden as fertiliser.

3. Ability to be ducted. Some Piazzetta heaters can be ducted into more than 1 room – with the Multifuoco system. Piazzetta pellet heaters can disperse their heat evenly throughout the house, allowing for a more holistic heating system.

4. Environmentally Friendly. Fuelled by recycled wood waste that would otherwise have been destined for land fill.

5. Control from your smart phone. You can customise your heater with the touch of a button. With outstanding technologies, Piazzetta pellet heaters can be set to turn on or off at your desired time. Coming home from work early? simply pop on to your Piazzetta app and turn on your heater before you step foot inside.

6. Safety features. Piazzetta heaters are equipped with many crucial safety features. The main safety element of the pellet heater is that it automatically switches off when the pellets get too low or the room has met the desired thermostat. This is highly important and is a key feature that all our customers enjoy.

Contact for information or give us a call on 02 6496 1133

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